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Individuals and organisations are now more dependant on their computers than ever before. Such dependancy continues to increase regardless of the individual or organisation. Access to the data on these systems is the lifeline to ensure business continuity.

Since the establishment of operations in the United Kingdom in 2000, CBL Data Recovery Technologies Limited has experienced a growing demand for its data recovery services and expertise. CBL has provided the safety net for individuals and organisations facing data loss with its professional data recovery services.

Founded in 1993, CBL sets the standards to which others follow. CBL pioneered "free evaluations" and a "No data, No charge" service guarantee in the data recovery services market. This practice is backed by CBL's commitment to exceed each customer's expectations in retrieving his or her valued data and to meet or better its time commitments for every data recovery project.

The world has borne witness to numerous disasters in recent years, some natural and others not. With global operations and headquarters near Toronto, Canada, the professionals at CBL Data Recovery Technologies have assisted customers to recover their data, a small, but critical step as they rebuild their businesses.

In CBL's Newcastle data recovery laboratory and customer service centre in London, the same proprietary techniques developed by CBL's experts led by CBL co-founder and CTO, Zhengong Chang, are deployed to retrieve data quickly and effectively from a wide array of affected media. With data recovery facilities also in Australia, Barbados, Brasil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States, customers receive the same quick, professional, and cost-effective services from CBL.

This reality is possible due to CBL's employees and the commitment of Chang and Bill Margeson, CBL co-founder and President, Bill Margeson, that "It's not just about the technology, but about the establishment of best practices to meet the needs of CBL's clients around the world."

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