Hardware is replaceable, data is not.

Add data recovery to your services portfolio.

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In today’s economy, data is key. Data is the key to success and business continuity. When access to data, an organization’s number one asset, is lost, the organization will often find itself in a crisis situation.

CBL Data Recovery Technologies helps organizations out of their crisis. Providing 24 × 7 service, 365 days a year, CBL provides free evaluations of media and stands by its „No data, No charge“ service guarantee. Customers only pay for results.

Whether your customer is at home, school, the office or even traveling on business, access to their data is criticial. Whether their data is on a laptop, personal computer, workstation, server, RAID or even on a digital camera, accessibility is key. If data becomes inaccessible, permanent loss of their data is possible. However, CBL can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively recover data before permanent data loss occurs and an organization faces the threat of business discontinuity.

CBL is well-versed in the recovery of data from multiple forms of media including:

No matter the make, model, or operating system of a computer or server, CBL can recover the data.

Encourage your customers to outsource the recovery of their lost data to you.

Let your customers get on with their business and leave CBL to the business of data recovery.